History of Japanese Paper Dolls

Paper making was introduced from China into Japan around 6 AD and paper dolls came into being in Japan in the 1500’s. The first paper dolls were mainly fetishes or children’s toys and later became more decorative objects. The dolls portrayed different aspects of life from the imperial court to the dancers, musicians, artists, the everyday working class, and so on.


Process of Making the Dolls

The dolls I make start with a clay body which I sculpt and then dress with fine hand-made decorative paper, which almost feels like fabric. I try to show movement and attitude with body and hand postures. There is just a hint of a face. Traditionally, there are no face parts as the viewer puts his or her own face in its place. I make and place a piece of origami with each doll, reminding me of my love for doing origami and what for me came before the doll making. An acrylic case is especially made for each doll. And each doll is one of a kind.

Other paper crafts I make are origami earrings, origami cards, origami dioramas and origami collages.

All dolls are for sale.  Any inquiries about prices can be made at patti@pattiosebold.com.

Thank you.